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I'm a professional executive/career coach dedicated to helping high-achievers increase their confidence and communication skills to move toward work that lights them on fire.


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I'm Allegra Sinclair

As a professional coach, communicator, and trainer, I've offered private and public training on self-confidence and communication for over 25 years. And I can help you blow through the walls that are keeping you from being more successful. You are awesome, and I excel at helping you use that to get more of what you want.

I can help you with

You feel frustrated and stuck in your career and you can't figure out why. You've gotten most of what you wanted, but you're still unhappy.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so I work closely with clients to identify their unique strengths and areas for growth.


You don't have to be born super confident, this is a skill you can develop. It will aid you in decision-making, resilience, and building the career of your dreams.

Career Growth

Stop treading water and make the changes necessary to move toward work that means something to you. You know you're ready to have a bigger impact on the world.

Explore My Coaching Options

Career Breakthrough Session

You know that you're holding yourself back because you're not being authentic, you're plagued by self-doubt, and have lost that 'loving feeling' for your career. This intensive session offers a personalized solution to identifying and addressing the root causes of these issues.

1:1 Coaching

Imagine this–a personalized coaching experience that starts with your big vision, breaks your goals into bite-sized chunks and helps you set and keep the priorities that will move you intentionally toward your vision.

Career Coaching

You love working a specific path to transform your life and career and this 16-session coaching package is perfect. Each session we will focus on a different aspect of your leadership style to confidently move you from where you are, to where you know you're meant to be.

A few months into transitioning into a challenging role at a new organization, I realized I needed some help. I have worked with a few life/career coaches over the years, and Allegra is by far the most effective.

Karessa T.  

/ Vice President

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