Host Allegra M. Sinclair interviews Rachel Astarte, a psychotherapist and coach who helps people in midlife navigate challenges, develop their true selves, and step into mentorship. The episode covers a range of topics including:

  • Rachel Astarte’s 3-step journey to mentorship
  • The importance of healing childhood woundns, learning healthy boundaries, and understanding one’s importance to collective consciousness
  • The power and beauty of the Sacred Feminine and how women in midlife can embrace their self-creating potential
  • The negative focus on aging and the importance of embracing perimenopause and menopause as rites of passage
  • The importance of recognizing your own strengths and value and how you can contribute to collective consciousness

This broader definition of mentoring enables so many more people to participate in mentoring.

rachel astarte

Throughout the episode, Allegra and Rachel discuss how the broader definition of mentorship enables more people to participate, including those who may have made mistakes or feel like they are not “qualified” to be mentors. Rachel also highlights the importance of recognizing our own worth and the value of our experiences, which can be helpful to others seeking advice. The episode ends with Rachel offering a free workbook called “Polishing the Gem” for listeners interested in stepping into mentorship in midlife.

Rachel Astarte

Who is Rachel Astarte?

Rachel Astarte is a holistic psychotherapist, transformational coach, and spiritual counselor specializing in self, solitude, and service. She works with people in midlife who have been called to deep psychospiritual work and guides them toward polishing the gem of their true selves toward mentorship in our evolving world. 

Rachel is the author of Celebrating Solitude: How to Discover and Honor Your Highest Self as well as novels, screenplays, and articles—all of which focus on self-development and connection with our human and non-human family. Rachel’s podcast, “Self Talk with Rachel Astarte,” helps listeners negotiate a healthy relationship with themselves and others.

For many people in midlife, it can be a time of reflection, self-discovery, and significant transition. As we navigate changes in our personal and professional lives, we gain valuable insights and wisdom that can be shared with others. Mentoring is a way for you to give back, offer guidance, and contribute to collective consciousness.

Here are some key steps to becoming a mentor in midlife:

Step One: Recognize and Build Your Sense of Self

In order to be an effective mentor, you. must understand yourself and develop a strong sense of self-worth. Many women in midlife have had experiences that have shaped them and equipped them to help others. However, it is important to recognize that everyone’s journey is unique and that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to mentoring.

To build a stronger sense of self, it may be helpful to engage in introspection, therapy, or self-exploration exercises. This can involve identifying your core values, strengths, and areas for growth. It can also involve working through past traumas or wounds that may be impacting your ability to show up as a mentor. By doing this work, you will gain a more solid foundation upon which to help others.

Step Two: Identify an Area of Expertise or Interest

Mentoring can take many forms, from formal professional relationships to informal friendships or family dynamics. It is important to identify an area of expertise or interest that you are passionate about and that could benefit from your insights.

This could be related to your professional background, a personal hobby, or an aspect of your life experience. For example, if you have had a successful career in business, you may be able to mentor young women looking to break into your field. Alternatively, if you have experienced a significant life transition such as divorce or illness, you may be able to mentor others going through a similar experience.

Step Three: Start Small and Expand Your Reach

Becoming a mentor does not have to involve a formal program or setting aside significant amounts of time. In fact, mentoring can be as simple as offering a listening ear, sharing personal stories, or providing guidance when asked.

Starting small can involve mentoring a younger relative or friend, volunteering in your community, or offering mentorship to a co-worker. These low-pressure situations can allow you to gain confidence in your skills as a mentor and to identify areas where you may need further growth.

As you become more comfortable in your role as a mentor, you can expand your reach by seeking out moroe formal mentorship opportunities or connecting with other mentors in your community. By sharing your expertise and insights, you can help others grow and thrive.

Step Four: Embrace the Power of Mentorship

Becoming a mentor is a valuable tool in helping people achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. As a mentor in midlife, you have the opportunity to help others navigate life’s challenges from your lived experiences.

However, it is important to remember that mentorship is not a one-way street. Mentors can gain just as much from their mentees as they give. By embracing the power of mentorship and remaining open to learning from others, you can continue to grow as a person and as a mentor.

In conclusion, becoming a mentor in midlife can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. By recognizing your strengths and identifying areas where you can make a difference, you can offer guidance, support, and wisdom to others on their life paths. While the journey of becoming a mentor may involve some self-exploration and growth, the rewards of helping others and contributing to the greater good make it a worthwhile task.

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