Stop Flirting and Commit to Your Goals Already

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  1. Karla Campos says:

    Having a parade for a wedding definitely sounds like a fun idea! Great message, if we don’t fully commit and show everyone what it is that we love, people will never know or respect it.

  2. Marlon Acosta says:

    Hello Allegra,

    Yeah flirting is fun but you do have to make a committment sooner or later. It is a tough question to ask when looking at your business but a neccessary one if your looking to reach any goal you have set out for yourself.

  3. Steve Shoemaker says:


    Some people stay busy at doing nothing at all. I know I have to really evaluate is what I am doing really moving me forward toward my goals or am I just staying busy to justify a need for action.

    Total commitment I think involves total honesty with yourself are you really moving toward your goal or just moving.


  4. Deb Augur says:

    Hi Allegra,

    I love that idea! It’s a fabulous marketing tactic that could easily go viral. Beyond that the message it carries is so full of truth for most of us… it’s time to commit and prove it! That in itself would made a world of difference. Thanks for the story.

    1. Allegra Sinclair says:

      Hey Deb,
      Don’t you love it? I thought it was ingenious! I think I enjoyed it so much because it was so unexpected. I love little business surprises. Have a powerful week! Allegra

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