Welcome to Your Confident Self, the podcast that is all about empowering women to step into their boldest, most confident selves. In this episode, host Allegra Sinclair explores the power of voice and how it can be used as an instrument of confidence and connection. Joined by guest Mary Chan, a podcast strategist, voice coach, and voiceover artist, they discuss practical strategies and mindset shifts to help women reclaim their voice and amplify their message. From understanding the impact of our voice story to mastering the five keys of voice amplification, this episode offers valuable insights and techniques for unlocking your full potential through your voice.

Get ready to unlock the secrets to amplifying your voice, captivating your audience, and unleashing your true potential.

In this Episode:

Embracing Your Voice Story

Our voice is shaped by our unique experiences and the messages we’ve received throughout our lives. Mary shares her personal journey of growing up in an immigrant household where she was often told to stay quiet. Many women can relate to the societal pressure of being seen and not heard. Recognizing and embracing our voice story is the first step towards reclaiming our authentic voice and building confidence in its power.

Being Your True Self

In a world that often dictates how women should sound or present themselves, it’s important to resist the urge to conform. Mary encourages women to be themselves and not try to imitate others. This principle of empowering women seems so logical, but is often missed when we’re trying to move up in our careers. Your voice is a reflection of your identity and should be embraced as such. By letting go of the need to fit into a mold, you can tap into your unique voice and connect more deeply with your audience.

The Five Keys to Amplifying Your Voice

Mary introduces the five keys to voice amplification, which are: highs and lows, volume, speed, pause, and elongation. These keys allow for variety and expression in your voice, creating impact and engagement with your audience. By consciously incorporating these elements into your speech, you can convey emotions, emphasize important points, and maintain your listeners’ attention.

  1. Highs and Lows:
    Varying the pitch or melody of your voice adds depth and interest to your message. By exploring the range of your voice, you can create trust and captivate your audience. Finding a balance between high and low tones allows you to resonate with your listeners on a deeper level.
  2. Volume:
    The volume of your voice can convey power and authority. Adjusting your volume to suit the context and message can help you connect with your audience more effectively. Sometimes, speaking softly can draw people in, while at other times, projecting your voice can command attention and convey confidence.
  3. Speed:
    Calibrating your speed of speech is crucial for maintaining engagement. Speaking too fast can overwhelm your listeners, while speaking too slowly can bore them. By finding a comfortable pace and adjusting it when necessary, you can keep your audience captivated and ensure that your message is effectively communicated.
  4. Pause:
    Silence is a powerful tool in communication. Incorporating intentional pauses allows your audience to process information and adds emphasis to important points. Pausing also creates anticipation and keeps your listeners engaged, as they eagerly anticipate what comes next.
  5. Elongation:
    Elongating certain words or phrases adds emphasis and emotion to your message. By stretching out specific words, you can convey passion, excitement, or the importance of a particular idea. This technique helps to create an emotional connection with your audience and adds depth to your communication.

Empowering Women to Use their Voice is Important for Confidence

Your voice is a powerful instrument that can help you express your true self, build confidence, and connect with others on a deeper level. By embracing your voice story, being authentic, and mastering the five keys to voice amplification, you can unlock your full potential and make a lasting impact in every area of your life. So, let go of any self-doubt, and let your voice soar with confidence and authenticity.

Remember, it’s not about changing who you are, but rather embracing and amplifying the unique qualities of your voice. Whether you’re sharing your message through a podcast, in the boardroom, or on the dance floor, your voice has the power to inspire, influence, and connect. Empowering women to step into their confident self and let their true voice be heard is something we can all do more of.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your voice? Visit Mary’s website and explore her resources to further develop your voice and boost your confidence. It’s time to embrace your voice and unleash your full potential.

Who is Mary Chan?

Mary Chan Headphones Portrait 1100 px

Mary Chan is a Podcast Strategist, Voice Coach, and Voice-Over Artist who believes in empowering women to reclaim their voice. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada to immigrant parents, Mary was told to stay quiet. Today, Mary gives women self-confidence with their voice because she felt that she didn’t have one growing up. After working in radio for 20 years, she struck out on her own and founded Organized Sound Productions, a podcast production and consulting company.

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Allegra M. Sinclair

Allegra M. Sinclair is a professional coach and confidence expert. She hates to see women living small and loves to help them change how they show up in the world.

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