Get ready to increase your financial freedom! In this episode of “Your Confident Self,” host Allegra M. Sinclair invites you on an unexpected ride with Patti Handy, an executive and life coach with a burning passion for fueling financial confidence in women.

You can forget your fears about managing your finances as a single, divorced, or widowed woman. Financial confidence is availabe to you, too. Patti is here to be your torchbearer, showing you the way to financial empowerment. She shares tasty nuggets of wisdom that will arm you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the labyrinth of finance with ease and peace.

Expect the unexpected as Patti reveals the secret sauce to mastering finance: communication. She underscores the importance of finding a financial advisor who can translate baffling financial jargon into a language you understand and love.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With Patti at the helm, you’ll plunge into the depths of finance, emerging with a pocket full of practical advice. You’ll learn the A-Z of investing and discover how simple it can be to manage your money effectively.

And in a surprising twist, Patti unearths the hidden link between self-care and sound financial decisions. She highlights how nurturing your mental and emotional well-being can contribute to your financial growth.

This episode is more than a podcast; it’s an invitation to embark on an empowering journey, reshaping the way women perceive and interact with finance. You’ll leave equipped and inspired to conquer your financial fears and take control of your financial destiny. So ladies, get ready for a thrilling ride to financial freedom with Patti Handy on “Your Confident Self.”

Fnancial Freedom Requires:

Understanding Financial Information

  • Patti encourages women to ask for clarification if they don't understand financial terminology or concepts, especially when advisers use acronyms and speak quickly about investing.
  • Sharing her own experience with a client, Patti highlights the importance of finding someone who can explain financial matters in simpler terms, making it more accessivle for women without expertise in finances.
  • Trusting your intuition and seeking clarity can help eliminate feelings of overwhelm and empower you to make informed financial choices.

Building a Strong Financial Foundation

  • Starting from wherever you are, Patti recommends establishing a checking account for bill payments and a savings account as an emergency fund. Aim for six months’ worth of expenses as a reserve
  • Consider utilizing a money market account for better interest generation alongside traditional savings accounts.
  • Patti advises against seeking financial advice from anyone who  doesn't have a sound financial standing for themselves. It’s essential to find an expert who can communicate at your pace and understanding level.

Financial Coaching: Education and Guidance

  • Patti explains that financial coaching involves a combination of education and coaching to help individuals with their finances, addressing topics such as budgeting, debt payoff, credit repair, and home buying.
  • Her online course covers nine different areas of life and includes videos and group coaching calls to enhance understanding and provide practical guidance.
  • Financial coaching empowers women to explore their money stories, understand their relationship with money, and develop strategies to improve their financial well-being.

Understanding the Importance of Self-care in Financial Decision-Making

  • Self-care plays a fundamental role in making good financial decisions. Patti recommends taking time for activities that bring you joy and peace, such as exercise, meditation, or connecting with loved ones.
  • Engaging in self-care activities helps quiet your mind, allowing for better clarity and focus when making important financial choices.
  • Prioritize self-care before making any significant life decisions to ensure you’re in a mentally and emotionally balanced state.

Investing, Education, and Trusting Your Intuition

  • Patti shares insights into various investment options and asset allocation based on factors like age, risk tolerance, and cash flow needs.
  • She emphasizes the importance of fnding trusted financial advisers or coaches to navigate the complexities of investing and financial decision-making.
  • Trusting your intuition and taking time for stillness and reflection can guide you in making aligned financial choices.

In this episode of “Your Confident Self,” Patti Handy provides valuable insights and guidance on building financial confidence. From seeking clarification to understanding investing basics, Patti empowers women with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions. Through self-care and trusted guidance, listeners can discover their own confidence in managing their financial journeys. Tune in to discover how you can build your confidence in finances and beyond!

Who is Patti Handy?

Patti Handy 

After spending a combined 20 years as a Financial Advisor and Mortgage Advisor, and having countless conversations with women, Patti decided to pursue her dream of Financial Coaching for Women. She’s a teacher at heart and she loves to educate and empower women with money smarts!

Understanding that money can be an overwhelming topic for many, she is audaciously passionate about creating financial confidence when it comes to your well-being. This has been the catalyst to follow her passion of empowering and educating women in their financial journey.

Patti is a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Life Coach, holds a Real Estate Brokers license, and is the published author of four books.

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Allegra M. Sinclair

Allegra M. Sinclair is a professional coach and confidence expert. She hates to see women living small and loves to help them change how they show up in the world.

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