How Women Can Overcome Negativity

by Allegra Sinclair  - January 23, 2023

Read on to learn how women can overcome negativity. Many women have a negative mindset.  Negative mindsets come in different forms.  For some people, they are just pessimistic about everything in life.  For others, they are only negative when it comes to themselves and their own abilities.

Either way, when you have a negative mindset you cannot enjoy life the way you should and you may even find that it is hard to maintain personal and work relationships.

Luckily, you can overcome a negative mindset and start enjoying the life that you were meant to have.  It is a matter of recognizing the harmful thought patterns, figuring out what created them and then turning them off, replacing them with healthier patterns.

Don’t Take Criticism to Heart

Many people fall into a negative mindset if they are criticized in any way.  Whether you are criticized by someone you love or by a co-worker you need to work not to take it to heart.  Instead, work to find the positives in what you have been told.  Instead of looking at the criticism as a character assassination, look at the criticism and consider whether or not making a change will make you a better person, mate, or coworker.  The bottom line is not to take criticism to heart, instead you can consider it, make changes if you deem it necessary, and then move on knowing you are better for it.

Consider Meditation

When you feel overwhelmed by negativity and a swirl of negative thoughts and emotions, you might want to consider meditation.  Many people find that mediation helps them let go of those non-stop emotions that contribute to their negative emotions.  There are many therapists as well as self help books and videos that will help you learn how to mediate if you are not already familiar with it.

Positive Affirmations

Many people find that positive affirmations work wonders when they are trying to improve their negative mindset.  Positive affirmations are statements that help you change your perspective of the world and those around you.  For instance, you can tell yourself every morning, “I am worthy of a happy, healthy, positive life.”  If you tell yourself this several times a day you will start to believe it.  Just as you trained yourself to think the worst of yourself and the world around you, you can train yourself to see and feel the best of everything around you.

Fake it Until You Make It

If all else fails or you just want to feel better right now, you need to employ the fake it until you make it strategy.  If you put a smile on your face and you force yourself to look and feel happy, you will!  Many times just putting a smile on your face will help you begin to see the world in a more positive light.  While you may not feel 100% positive, faking it will take you a long way.  When you are faking it you will elicit positive behaviors all around you because people are drawn to you, which will only help in strengthening your positive spirit.

Women overcome negativity in several ways: deflecting the criticisms, meditation and positive affirmation. Be careful not to spend so much timing ‘faking it’ that you lose sight of what you are truly feeling. But getting more aware of the patterns which lead you into the land of negativity and working to counteract them will help you start living the way you want to live.

What else do you do to stop your ‘stinkin’ thinkin’? Tell us in the comment box.

Have a POWERFUL day.

Allegra Sinclair

Allegra Sinclair is a professional coach and confidence expert. She hates to see women living small and loves to help them change how they show up in the world.

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