5 ways you'll know your authentic self

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  1. Marcia Foster says:

    I needed this information. Thank you.

    1. Hiya Marcia. You’re very welcome! I’m so happy it helped you. Just let me know if you have any questions. Have a powerful day!

  2. Hello, Mrs. Sinclair!
    You’re comment about how you dislike to see woman living small.. hit home with me. I honestly never realized that I wasn’t living authentic until I sat down and read the true meaning. I applaud your hard work and well earned title as a confidence expert. I lived so long trying to please others and being someone I wanted others to accept.. forgot one thing though, it wasn’t me.

    1. Hi LeeAnna! It’s never too late to forgive yourself for what you wish you had done before and start behaving differently today. Life is wonderful in that we get to start over and over each day, making new choices. I’m excited for you that you’re looking at who you really are now. Discovering yourself can be fun. Take good care and have a powerful day.

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