6 Self Esteem Secrets Powerful Women

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  1. You’re so right. I’m glad my best friend shared this article and introduced us. I love you and I just met you. I hope I get to meet you in person. God Bless what you’re doing to uplift women I’m on the same mission. You rock.

    1. Hi Nicole! Thanks for stopping by. I’m also glad your bestie shared this article. 🙂
      Your kind words mean the world to me, thanks for pouring light into my world today.
      Have a POWERFUL week.

  2. Thanks for this information Allegra.
    I am building my confidence daily and working on creating the lifestyle and life I desire and deserve.

    1. Hi Zaneta, thanks for stopping by! You’re very welcome. Congrats on figuring out the lifestyle and life you want so you can go get it! That’s a big piece of the puzzle. Have a powerful week.

  3. thanks for the article. i struggle with low self-esteem due to having multiple mental illnesses and not being able to work and achieve things like other people.

    1. Hi Melanie, thanks for visiting with me! It’s so hard when we compare ourselves to others! I’m always fussing that I wish I could eat like ‘regular’ people because I have so many food allergies. How would you feel about creating different ways of measuring success for yourself that don’t relate to anybody else at all?

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