how spiderman changed my day

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  1. Kim Doyal says:

    That is darling!!! Everytime I see people these ‘soldier coming home videos’ my eyes well up. I love your point about the little boy just fully embracing that Spiderman was in his backyard.
    I took my son to Universal Studios when he was about 7 and he saw Captain America. He went up to him, smiled, stood still and saluted him!!!! (yes, got a picture of that).
    Melted my heart.

    Children are such a beautiful reminder about being open to the miracles that show up in our lives everyday.

    And I’m glad you liked that saying.. I don’t know who said it, but it’s a powerful reminder (and somehow steels the thunder from the thing that wound us up!).
    Awesome reminder girl!

    1. I knew you would love him! There are lots of lovely lessons to learn from the little ones, if we bother to slow down and pay attention. I am LOVIN’ the mental image of your son saluting Captain America. Soooo precious. Thanks for being you!

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